I am not yet thirty. That explains all I did in the last year.

I am a sociable loner. I am looking for true passion and feelings in life, hence I am constantly disappointed.

I am a great communicator. I find the way to express myself through a wide variety of means.

Welcome to my blog

The first present I remember asking, in 1994, was a film camera. I got a glorious red, semi-automatic Minolta. 24mm fixed lens f/2.8. Some years later I got to play with my father’s Ricoh SRL just before getting digital in 2004.

My first digital experience was not as rewarding as it was expensive. I knew nothing about DPI, Lenses, Megapixels, and I got to spend a huge amoung of Money for some piece of plastic that now lays somewhere among my other childhood gadgets.

I now shoot my pictures with Nikon DSLR DX-Format cameras and lenses, and, occasionally, with a vintage Praktica Film SLR camera. Film will become more important in my amateur career as we will go on, for reasons that I will explain later on in this blog.

if you ask some of the most important photographers in the world, they say that photography is light and shadow. It is light paiting. To me, it is a mixtures of senses that combine light, colour, perfumes and sounds.



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